See how we can SAVE YOU MONEY

See how we can SAVE YOU MONEY





If you have found us, it is because you are looking for an economical, up to date alternative to the drab, dirty and inefficient laundries of yesterday.

Did you know that your 10 year old, 6kg coin-op top loader uses around 150 litres of water per wash!

Toplader technology has been around for over 50 years and hasnít changed much in that time.

Our latest commercial front loaders have advanced electronic microprocessor technology. Sensors within the machine monitor a variety of variables, such as balance,speed,temperature and water level ,which enables the exact parameters to be set depending on the size and type of the load being washed. The microprocessor control unit will determine the exact amount of water to be used, minimising water and electricity usage, whilst making sure your clothes are washed and rinsed to the highest standards.

The high g forces generated by microprocessor controlled machinery means there is less water in the clothes at the end of the cycle, allowing clothes to dry faster than a slow toploader. Less time in the dryer means less shrinkage, reduced energy consumption and less carbon emissions.

Not only does your wallet benefit,but so does the environment!

ILS can offer you machines that will wash more thoroughly, yet use only 30 -60 litres of water to do a better job compared to toploaders.

Benefits of High efficiency Machine vs Toploader

30-60 litres of water compared to 150+ Litres

Less residual Moisture in clothes at end of cycle

50% vs 70%

Drying time reduced

35 mins Vs 45 mins

Less Hot Water used (Warm/Warm cycle)

15-30 litres Vs 75+ litres

Overall energy consumption reduced

4.3 Ė 5 kw/H Vs 7.7 Kw/H